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XPS-CO2 sample

上一个产品是:XPS-CO2 Flattening tractor 下一个产品是:XPS-CO2 extrusion line

Production process characteristics

1. Good modified carbon dioxide foam injection system to ensure the steady injection of carbon dioxide in the supercritical state.

2. Cooling system to achieve automatic control of water temperature to overcome the conventional water temperature control is not accurate or oil temperature control slow cooling and other defects.

3. Used two static mixer, to overcome the poor compatibility of carbon dioxide, mixing uneven defects.

4. Increase the system voltage regulator and quantitative devices to ensure the stability and accuracy of extrusion.

5. More suitable for high-strength plate production, up to 800kpa.

6. The use of carbon dioxide as a blowing agent to produce green building materials - XPS extruded insulation board, does not contain any HCFC, HFC material, will not damage the ozone layer, will not cause environmental and human health effects.


The advantage of carbon dioxide as a blowing agent

1. More uniform, more stable flame retardant effect, carbon dioxide is an inorganic, is a non-flammable gas does not support combustion. This gas is used to foam the extruded board. Hidden in each stomata formed countless small fire extinguishers, the extruded plate itself, the flame retardant properties more stable and more uniform.

2. Let our living space more environmentally friendly and healthier, carbon dioxide gas is an air-friendly ecological balance and human friendly gas, use it as a blowing agent to produce products is the world recognized environmentally friendly products.