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XPS-CO2 extrusion line

上一个产品是:XPS-CO2 Crosscutting Machine 下一个产品是:XPS-CO2 sample

Full CO2 extruded plate production line

1. The German technology --- all using German technology manufacturing;
2. Automatic most advanced economy --- the most advanced and most cost-effective, from automatic expect automatic packaging, automatic control; only 2-3 people per line per shift.
3. All CO2, CFC-free power --- China only full CO2 (CFC-free boot) automatic, XPS extruded plate production line;
4. Low cost, light weight --- all use of recycled material production CO2 tea plates, density 28-30 kg / m3, the cost B2 level -200, B1 level -215;
5. High yields than domestic models --- Aircraft models prolific 100-150 m3.75-150 daily production: 450-480 m3 / day;

6. Low power consumption --- 80 degrees per hour.

7. Online edging grinding, triangular cross knife, clean, no dust.

8. You can see, can be trained to run the production line show.

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