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IXPE foaming line

上一个产品是:IXPE foaming line 下一个产品是:Ixpe

IXPE (IXPP) foam line

IXPE is a polyethylene as the main raw material, together with several other materials do not contain any harmful substances first by mixing extrusion molding, green and healthy by radiation processing technology, the use of ionizing radiation to produce a crosslinked material change in base the original structure, forming a network independent of closed-cell foam structure, to produce the high-tech high-grade closed-cell foam.

Such products have the appearance of smooth, feel comfortable, good performance and processing advantages. Its cell with a meticulous uniform and tough and there is around, excellent sound and heat insulation, thermal insulation effect, water absorption, elasticity, weather resistance, aging resistance, mildew and corrosion resistance to various chemical agents, etc. in line with international environmental standards, functional

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